What are main difference wireframing, prototyping and mockuping?

Uff, there is lot of confusion between prototype, wireframe and mockup. Individual people have different views on this trilogy. Today, this post explains what main difference between three is.

Beginning with a wireframe

Wireframe is most important part of any website process. Wireframe is a sketch of a website or application before any kind of design element take place. We can say in other words it’s a backbone of any design.
It is basic visual representation the main elements with gray boxes, it’s not represent graphics elements. With the help of the wireframe we have a quick idea about design where we put the element on the website or application.
• Wireframes visualize the essential components of an online page.
• The Layout of content
• Pages are not connect or link
• Wireframes is typically created in ADOBE MUSE.
One wireframe pages are connected or linked with each other’s it becomes prototyping

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