Bootstrap Grids

Bootstrap’s grid has allowed only 12 columns. We can define this group in the columns together to create a section. 12 columns are scale up the grids as the device or viewport size increase. These columns are also containing 15 pixels gaps between column content. If we remove the padding, then we use the rows(.row) which contain the negative margin.
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Bootstrap Introduction?

Bootstrap is a most using front end framework for developing responsive, mobile friendly web sites and app. It’s free source and open source Collection.

Main Features

Sass and less: Bootstrap provided a two most popular css preprocessors, less and Sass. Easy to pre compiled css.
One framework, Work Multi devices: It’s a free collection of tools for creating websites and web applications. It’s easy to get started, based on grid systems and easily scales your websites and application according to devices or screen resolution.
Why programmers preferred Bootstrap Framework: With bootstrap, you get typography, forms, buttons, grids, and also Jquery plugins like (Modal, Scrollspy, Tooltips, Popover, Alert, Button). So when we use this framework most of the day based plugins are available for designing your website
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