Create first HTML PAGE?

The first factor you would like to try informing the browser that you simply can “talk” to that within the language HTML. This is often through with the tag. Thus before you are doing the rest sort html within the first line of your document in pad.
Let us begin with simple HTML example. If you work on Window PC then open Notepad (or other editors like notepad, notepad++ etc). If you are using a Macintosh computer, then you can use the Textedit. Html page make with three ways using table based, Only div based and html5.

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HTML could be a machine language devised to permit website creation. HTML is stand for “Hypertext Markup Languageā€. Markup language for describing web pages. Every web content is truly Hypertext markup language file. Every HTML file is simply a plain-text file, but with a .html file extension rather than .txt, and is formed from some hypertext markup language tags still because the content for an online page. These websites will then be viewed by anyone else connected to the web.

HTML Page Structure

<title>Page title</title> 
<h1>This is a heading</h1> 

Above is basis example of html documents.

HTML Tags?

Most tags should have two elements, a start tag and an end tag. The start tag is commonly referred to as the opening tag. The end tag is commonly referred to as the closing tag. For example,is that the start tag andis that the closing tag. The first tag during a combine is that the opening tag, the second tag is that the closing tag. The end (Closing) tag is written just like the opening tag, however with a slash before the tag name.
Some html tags do not have a closing tag. They are also called {self-closing tag, empty tag} like
, img, input etc.
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