The Differences between Web Designer & UI/UX Designer

Today, I Discuss about differences between web designer and UI/UX designer, and why this is important?

It is highly important understanding difference between two and so you can better elaborate yourself. Use the terminology of UI/UX designing you can link in account, your portfolio and your resume so you can better position yourself.

Web designing is whose capable to design a website. Someone who’s known’s Basis graphic design, creating button, links, Dhtml, css and built the simple web site that are web designer does.

UI is the stand for User Interface and UX is the stand for User Experience. UI/UX designer who can build application widget on webpage, for example Facebook is a one of the largest Web Application on internet. The Skills UI/UX Designer someone who understands different flow page to page, Different in action, wireframes design, icon, forms and create great experience within web app weather it is web app or mobile device app etc. UX designers are higher-level discipline than UI Designers because how the user thinks and feel.
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What are main difference wireframing, prototyping and mockuping?

Uff, there is lot of confusion between prototype, wireframe and mockup. Individual people have different views on this trilogy. Today, this post explains what main difference between three is.

Beginning with a wireframe

Wireframe is most important part of any website process. Wireframe is a sketch of a website or application before any kind of design element take place. We can say in other words it’s a backbone of any design.
It is basic visual representation the main elements with gray boxes, it’s not represent graphics elements. With the help of the wireframe we have a quick idea about design where we put the element on the website or application.
• Wireframes visualize the essential components of an online page.
• The Layout of content
• Pages are not connect or link
• Wireframes is typically created in ADOBE MUSE.
One wireframe pages are connected or linked with each other’s it becomes prototyping

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Top 10 motivational websites for designers

1) Behance

behance.netAbout it: Behance website is basically online portfolio for popular creative fields like Graphic Design, Photography, interaction Design, Art Direction Illustration. You can upload your creative work on this website in others words I say it’s a showcase of creative work, you post the job, viewed projects, appreciate and feedback on it.

2) Dribbble

dribbble.comAbout it: This is a perfect place for web designer. You can find here top class Web designers, graphic designers, illustrators, icon artists, typographers, logo designers, and other creative types. Dribbble also provide a job listing.

3) Smashing magazine

smashingmagazine.comAbout it: Smashing magazine such great website on the internet, it’s give you all kind of tutorials related to design, code, mobile application, UI/UX design and many more for designers

4) Inspired ui

inspired-ui.comAbout it: Domain name is defining everything about the website, what its do? This website gives us best UI/UX examples related to mobile if it’s iOS or android apps for iphone ui, android ui, iPad ui.

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