The Differences between Web Designer & UI/UX Designer

Today, I Discuss about differences between web designer and UI/UX designer, and why this is important?

It is highly important understanding difference between two and so you can better elaborate yourself. Use the terminology of UI/UX designing you can link in account, your portfolio and your resume so you can better position yourself.

Web designing is whose capable to design a website. Someone who’s known’s Basis graphic design, creating button, links, Dhtml, css and built the simple web site that are web designer does.

UI is the stand for User Interface and UX is the stand for User Experience. UI/UX designer who can build application widget on webpage, for example Facebook is a one of the largest Web Application on internet. The Skills UI/UX Designer someone who understands different flow page to page, Different in action, wireframes design, icon, forms and create great experience within web app weather it is web app or mobile device app etc. UX designers are higher-level discipline than UI Designers because how the user thinks and feel.

Let’s Says I meant one the guys in mall and this guy just start a Coffee Cafe. He needs a website for his Cafe. That particular person need Web Designer, They need to some design a simple website, home page, Menu page, contact pages and some Cafe pictures. After a few month, a that person come again and say hey Mr. thanks for a website, now I want to allow customer the opportunity to choose a Coffee lists on my website and In addition I want customer order the Coffee and able to pick it up from Cafe website Now those particular feature that person just explain to me, involved different action on the website, involved different widget something like forms, submit button, this things go to another page, Ordering Coffee, they should need cloth category list and their individual page for same categories and some description about the product etc, that person need Ui/Ux Designer.

UI/UX Designer can be have web designer, But have more perspective skills, that built around the designing web application, Google, Yahoo, Facebook, twitter those companies don’t need web designer , because they have a website. They need UI/UX designer someone capable designing a different web application widget in their website and great experience around the web application.

How you became a good UI/UX designer? I think is best way to become UI/UX designer is to focus on web designing skills. Web design is good foundation to become a UI/UX designer. So when you preventing skills build simple pages, now you focusing proper spacing, proper visual design, make icons, button, thing like that If you want practices become a UI/UX Design, you can search on the internet of different application like facebook, twitter etc and start design look different action pages to pages and practices copy those particular web application, Just you got an idea.

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